"Putting counts for more than 40% of your strokes. The easiest way to improve your golf score is to hole more putts."

...or your money back!

What the hell is The PuttLess?

The PuttLess is a precision tool designed to improve your putting statistics... In other words, "hole more putts". It is uniquely designed to help you pick and trust the line. That is, visualise the correct path of the ball to the hole. Putting counts for more than 40% of your strokes. The best way to improve your golf game is to improve your putting.

Warning... It is deadly from that knee-knocking
1 metre range!

When used with the simple three-step process, this precision tool will...

1. Increase your putting confidence

2. Ensure more accurate and consistent putting
3. Lower your score

4. Help you "see the line"


The simple three steps to holing more putts using The PuttLess are included with your PuttLess. We guarantee if you follow these steps you will hole more putts.


Engineered from a high grade aluminium, The PuttLess is a lightweight, precision, handheld tool about 12.5cm (5 inches) long and 2cm (3/4 inch) wide. Multi-purpose, it is also designed to act as a ball marker and pitch mark repair tool... BONUS!


The PuttLess comes with a 100% guarantee. If your putting does not improve after using The PuttLess with the simple three-step process for three months, just return it and we will refund your money! We are that confident!

100% designed and manufactured in Australia.


Using a line on your golf ball is legal under the rules of golf but lining it up to your intended line is very tricky and you're never sure if you get it right. The bold line on The PuttLess allows you to align your ball along the intended initial line of your putt. The unique and patented spike allows you to pivot the PuttLess around your marking point, enabling you to precisely adjust the tool to your chosen line.


Then, while addressing the ball, you only need to worry about distance.



10cm of left to right break! No problem... just align The PuttLess at a point 10cm left of the hole. Then when you stand over your putt you can be confident you're aimed correctly. Now just focus on the distance!

Using an implement to line up your putt is not contrary to the rules of golf.

The PuttLess is not currently approved for competition play and is under review by the USGA and the R&A.

Trust The Line

Because of "The PuttLess Spike" you can align The PuttLess while standing... This gives you a great view of the line to the hole.

Lining up the line on the ball to the intended line is difficult to get right!

It's easier to line the ball up to The PuttLess.


This is how one of the top putters on the PGA Tour views his putts!


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Trust The Line
Patent Pending


From the March edition of Inside Golf... Australia's most widely read Golf Magazine...



The Perfect Gift!

The PuttLess comes with a black velvet carry bag - making it the
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